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ACTIValoe® is the same Aloe Vera (from Aloecorp, in USA) which we have used since Aloe Vera Group was founded. The basic principles of production are more or less identical, although over the years the product has been consistently developed and we now know a great deal about the active substances in Aloe Vera. 

For example, we now know that the important acetylised polysaccharides (acemannan) are destroyed by enzymes and lost entirely if the raw material is not pasteurised at precisely the right moment. These polysaccharides are very significant for the efficacy of the finished product. 

Aloecorp operates strictly controlled harvesting and production processes, to preserve the active substances and prevent degeneration. 

Each batch is analysed to ensure that the important component substances are present before the Aloe Vera is released for sale. Only products that meet Aloecorp's stringent requirements carry the name ACTIValoe®. On Aloecorp's fields in Tampico, Mexico, Aloe Vera plants are grown without mineral fertilizers, pesticides or weed killers.  

Aloecorp uses only hand-picked leaves from fully-grown plants.

Aloecorp Fair Trade Practices

Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International

The Fairtrade Labelling Organizations (FLO) International is the worldwide Fairtrade standard setting and certification organization with headquarters in Bonn, Germany.  

The aim of FLO International is to improve the position of disadvantaged product producers in developing countries, typically involving the agricultural community, by ascertaining adequate pay and living conditions and safe working environments, among other things.  

Companies involved in international trade can apply for an inspection and subsequent Fairtrade Certification that appears on product labels, allowing consumers to identify goods that meet certain agreed-upon standards of fairness.

What types of products are covered under Fairtrade Certification?

The primary products covered under Fairtrade Certification include such agricultural items as coffee, cocoa, tea, sugar, fruit, rice, sugar, etc.  More items continue to be added to the list by the FLO, which has recently expanded to include manufactured products, such as footballs and other sports balls, for example.  Aloe vera, however, is NOT covered under the Fairtrade Certification program.

Aloe vera and Fairtrade

As mentioned above, Aloe vera is not an agricultural product included in the FLO’s Fairtrade Certification program.  Regardless, Aloecorp has maintained its stance as an industry leader in ambitiously carrying out international Fairtrade practices in all of its business endeavors.

Aloecorp’s role in Fairtrade practices

Aloecorp has always considered itself to be an Industry leader in all aspects of its business operations.  The Company has consistently been proactive in raising the bar on its scientific technology, products and services to meet—and exceed—the expectations of the Industry and its customers.  Whether Aloecorp’s customers are its Distributor Representative partners, finished goods manufacturers or consumers, they can all rest assured that Aloecorp always has—and always will—continue to employ Fairtrade practices, even though this is something that is not “required” of the company (since Aloe vera is not on the list of Fairtrade ingredients eligible for certification).

Aside from its Lyford, Texas plantation and Aloe processing facility, Aloecorp’s only other plantation currently producing Aloe vera raw material ingredients is the company’s Gonzalez, Mexico facility, operational since 1990.  Being a semitropical succulent plant, Aloe vera grows best in the sort of warm and humid climate that Mexico provides.  After a “hard freeze” at its Texas plantation in December of 1989 and January 1990, Aloecorp relocated its Aloe plantations to Mexico.  Aloecorp has taken great pride in building meaningful relationships with all of its employees, and has always been most appreciative of the important role its Mexico employees play in the Company’s operation. 

Aloecorp de Mexico

Aloecorp employs 250 – 300 associates in its Aloecorp de Mexico facility, based on seasonal needs.  The Company’s philosophy is to continue to be a leader in providing its employees with compensation and benefits packages above and beyond those put in place by most other agricultural companies doing business in Mexico.  

Examples are as follows:

  • Employees are paid 12-15% above average pay scale rates.
  • Based on Mexican law, employees are paid for 7 days of work, though they only work 6 days.  If employees work an extra day, they are paid overtime wages.
  • Overtime rates apply to hours worked above a 40-hour work week, and employees are paid double-time wages on holidays.
  • Employees receive 9 paid holidays.
  • Aloecorp provides food coupons to its employees as a fringe benefit worth $50 - $150 a month based on such criteria as years of service.
  • The Company provides bus transportation to and from work for its employees in various neighboring towns.  In addition, Aloecorp also has a gasoline reimbursement plan in place for those driving their own vehicles from further distances.
  • Employees are covered under the Social Medical Program of Mexico, for which Aloecorp pays all associated program fees.
  • Locker rooms are provided for use by all employees.
  • Aloecorp pays for the cost of full college tuition, based on a “B” average or better, for children of its employees in good standing with the Company.
  • Aloecorp has a company vehicle and paid-fuel allowance plan in place for key employees who would not otherwise be able to afford a vehicle.
  • A formal Service Award Program has been initiated to recognize employee years of service in 5-year increments, beginning with 5 years of service.
  • Aloecorp recently spent millions of dollars renovating and upgrading its cutting-edge Texas and Mexico facilities, which included overall facilities improvements such as increased air conditioning and air flow and other key items, to create a more efficient and comfortable work environment.
  • The company hosts an annual holiday party in December and provides generous bonuses to all of its employees.

Aloecorp is committed to continuing to provide its Aloecorp de Mexico employees with a workplace of the highest quality and caliber—one that positively carries over into their personal lives as well.  The Company has always gone above and beyond what is expected of it in recognizing and rewarding its employees in Mexico for their hard work and efforts.  

Aloecorp remains committed to implementing innovative policies, practices and procedures that provide an exemplary work environment for all of its employees, and an atmosphere that continues to forge loyalty and strong relationships with all of its personnel. 


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