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The History of Aloe Vera Group

I founded my company, Aloe Vera Group ApS, in 1989. During a trip to Australia, a fellow traveller was badly sunburned. Local people recommended applying Aloe Vera gel directly to the burns. To our amazement, the pain disappeared and the skin healed within a couple of days.

I was curious to know how and I wanted to know more about the plant. Before the end of my holiday, I bought a small folder about the Aloe Vera plant. But I still wanted to know more. When I returned to Denmark, I went to the library to find articles and documentation to substantiate the stories I read. It became very clear to me that the Aloe Vera plant is unique and that the gel from this plant could be consumed orally and applied topically.

Some years later, on a trip to Thailand, I came across the Aloe Vera plant again. This time I brought samples back to Denmark. I gave cuttings to friends and acquaintances who reported positive results when they applied the gel directly from the leaf.

At that time, you could not buy Aloe Vera gel in Denmark. I felt I had to do something about this. I founded Aloe Vera Group ApS and two products, Aloe Vera Gel and Aloe Vera Naturel, heralded the range of skincare products and dietary supplements that now bear the AVIVIR Aloe Vera name.

AVIVIR Aloe Vera

From the very beginning, I strived to create a humane and environmentally friendly concept. I have always worked with a conscious commitment to respecting other people and their opportunities to lead healthy and dignified lives. At Aloe Vera Group, we put a great deal of time and effort into keeping abreast with the latest knowledge about Aloe Vera, new methods of preservation and additives. We put our expertise into use when we develop new products.

In the last 20 years, our concept has resulted in the creation of a range of natural skin and body care products and dietary supplements which have a low impact on the world we live in and which pose no risk to health. For me personally, developing products which enter a healthy cycle and which do not impact on our natural environment is immensely satisfying.

And for the same reason, in 2008 our products were named AVIVIR, which comes from the Spanish and means: "Let's live" or "We're living". AVIVIR is a central value and focus throughout our production process – from plant to product. Our manufacturing procedures and packaging are also eco-friendly. Several of our products carry the Nordic Ecolabel and all of our products are 100% free of perfume, parabens, colours, triethanolamine and petrolatum.

A high concentration of organic Aloe Vera

The primary ingredient in AVIVIR Aloe Vera product range is an especially effective Aloe Vera gel (ACTIValoe®), which is extracted from healthy, organically grown Aloe Vera plants. One of the key characteristics of our product range is that every single product contains a high concentration of organic Aloe Vera. Our Shampoo and Skinwash contain 50 %, skincare products 70-99 % and dietary supplements 95-99.4 %.  A high concentration of Aloe Vera is crucial if the products are to provide the benefits associated with Aloe Vera.


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Aloe Vera Group ApS

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