AVIVIR boosts the immune system internally and externally!

Liquid form: drink it neat or mix into a smoothie or juice. 

Capsule form: perfect and practical for taking on holiday.

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Take AVIVIR Aloe Vera dietary supplement every day:

• Boosts the immune system internally and externally. 

• Normalises natural digestion and stabilises stomach problems

• Helps keep membranes in the digestive system healthy 

• Aloe Vera helps maintain the body's epithelial layer.

• Aloe Vera helps maintain a normal blood sugar level.


AVIVIR protects you in the sun - Don't harme the coral reefs!

Take care of yourself and the environment at the same time! Enjoy the summer with AVIVIR sun protection products - and take care of the environment and the coral reefs.

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AVIVIR sun products are excellent against sunburn. Soothes, cools and restores your skin effectively.

Organic Aloe Vera Plants in Mexico

Jesper Hummeluhr, Aloe Vera Group, is visiting our Aloe Vera Plants (Okt. 2015). Nice to know that Aloecorp is taking good care of both the Plants and the people who works with them. Read more...


AVIVIR Aloe Vera Care

We welcome summer - AVIVIR Aloe Vera takes good care of you and your family - all year!


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Sun protection products for your family...


AVIVIR Aloe Vera Capsules - Dietary supplement

Avivir Aloe Vera Capsules - Dietary supplement

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AVIVIR Aloe Vera